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AVOID Giggling Squid; 40 Hart Street | RG9 4AU, Henley-on-Thames, England; I'm not an expert on Thai food, but I have been to Thailand and the food at the Giggling Squid was not like any Thai food I've ever eaten.I started with a papaya salad in which I could detect no traces of papaya, just lots of shredded cabbage smothered with a sweet dressing.

This was followed by the Sunny Bay seafood dish - the menu promised a spicy dish with lime leaves and chilli, so I expected some zingy fresh flavors. What I got appeared to be a pack of frozen seafood reheated and smothered in a sickly sweet and sour sauce.

Little better was the Pad Thai I ordered as a side dish to share - this should be full of punchy flavor but it was bland and uninteresting.A sad disappointment.

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Review about: Bad Food Quality.

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